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File Formats

There are five files required to run MARE2DEM:

The first two files describe the model geometry, resistivity and fixed and free inversion parameters (as well as other inversion settings). These files are all created automatically by Mamba2D.m, so the material below isn’t required reading. The data file obviously contains the data, and the settings file contains settings for the parallel data decomposition and adaptive finite element settings for MARE2DEM.


Any text to the right of a ! character in the input files is considered a comment and will be ignore by MARE2DEM.

Developer Note

In addition to the Fortran subroutines used to read and write the MARE2DEM required files, there are MATLAB versions in the folder a_util in MARE2DEM’s MATLAB code distribution:

  • m2d_readEMData2DFile.m

  • m2d_readPoly.m

  • m2d_readResistivity.m

  • m2d_writeEMData2DFile.m

  • m2d_writePoly.m

  • m2d_writeResistivity.m