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Penalty File (.penalty)

The penalty file is only needed for inversion and contains the Model Roughness penalty matrix used to regularize (aka stabilize) the non-linear inversion of the EM data. This file is automatically generated by Mamba2D.m and here is documented for completeness.


In a future update, the penalty file will be removed as the penalty matrix can be coded to be directly computed within MARE2DEM in the same way as done in MARE3DEM.

The penalty matrix is \({p \times q}\) penalty matrix \({\mathbf{R}}\), where p is the number of penalty rows and q is the number of model parameters, that is applied to the model vector with the matrix-vector product \({\mathbf{R}} \mathbf{m}\) ,as described in Nonlinear EM Inversion. The file uses this format:

Format: CSR_penalty_1.0
<# non-zeros> <p>
# non-zeros  following lines: <column_index> <value>
p following lines: <row_pointer>
last line: <# non-zeros+1>

This is the usual compressed-sparse row (CSR) format where

k = row_pointer(i):row_pointer(i+1)-1
j = column_index(k)
R(i,j) = value(k)

The value parameters are used to store weights applied to the penalties, but the specific values depend on the structure of the matrix and the kind of penalty being applied. For example, a second difference penalty can be applied for parameter i by setting, for a given row, the value in the ith column to -1 and then using the value 1/n for the columns of all n surrounding model parameters, thereby making that row’s contribution to the penalty be the difference of the ith parameter from the average of all its neighbors (which is equivalent to the numerical 2nd difference).